Maths Mash-Up Week!

We had had lots of fun during Maths Week! We took part in a daily Maths competition in teams and it was very competitive!

We also had a visitor from Lloyds bank who spoke to us about saving and how Maths is used in the banking world!


🏛Ancient Greek Pottery Art & Pattern🏛

We have been sketching Ancient Greek pattern such as the Grecian key and the olive leaf which were very popular Greek patterns which we still use in our designs today!

We also studied Ancient Greek pottery and how they painted on pictures to their urns of everyday life – this is how historians know so much about them!

They painted on pictures of Gods, olympians, vines etc.

We used crayon to colour a pot then painted it with black acrylic paint and used a pin to scrape our Ancient Greek inspired design on! They looked very effective!

Making our own ‘poo’?

We have have been studying the organs that make up the human digestive system and the function of each one in our Science lessons! In one of our activities we made our own ‘poo’ by reinacting the process using everyday items!

E.g. A knife and fork = teeth to cut and chop the food.

A cardboard tube. = the oesophagus

A plastic bag = stomach etc.

We had so much fun and really helped us understand what each organ did in the process – we are now experts!

Jesus’ Family Tree!

We made our own wooden trees which we decorated with tissue paper to create Jesus’ family tree as part of our Come and See lesson. We made labels and wrote on the people from the Bible who are mentioned in Jesus’ family and hung them on the tree! They looked really effective!

Little Entrepreneurs!💷💼

This week we had a special visitor from Lloyds bank who have given us a special challenge which we have accepted!

We were presented with a giant cheque for £30 which we must now invest and come up with a super smart business idea to make as much profit as we can! The class who make the most profit wins – we are going to smash it!IMG_1738