Surfers against sewage

We have been busy exploring the effect of litter and plastics on our local environment and the huge impact it is having in our oceans, seas and rivers.  Watch this space for more information……


Wonderful water dancing

We have started our new dance topic about water and Rivers. We explored different ways to dance with a partner to show different parts of a river and water. We danced using cannon, unison and call and response. We created different dances in pairs and small groups and reviewed each dance to see if we could identify if the dancers were dancing in unison, canon or call and response. We are looking forward to developing our dances over the coming weeks.

Investigating sound

We explored different sound sources and how sound is vibrations which travel. We had lots of interesting questions about sound. We went on a sound survey around school.  We demonstrated how a drum vibrates to create a sound using pop corn on a drum. We played lots of listening games to explore how our ears allow us to hear.


Fair trade workshop

The children  discussed the importance of fair trade in providing farmers around the world with a better deal.  With fair trade we have the power to chance the world every day with simple ways to make a difference. We tasted different chocolate to see if we preferred the fair trade chocolate or non fair trade chocolate. We decided what fraction of the cost of a chocolate bar we think the farmers, supermarkerts, packaging and transport should get and why.

Find out more about fair trade here.