Gift presentation for Bishop Tom

As part of our work exploring St Columba, we created a special mosaic of St Columba  as a gift from our school to Bishop Tom.  He had  very kindly donated it to our parish church and Father Chris is very excited at finding a special place for it in our church. Look out for it on display.We are extremely proud of our work!


Dove cottage officially open

Our new outdoor learning space is now officially open.  On Wednesday Bishop Tom officially opened Dove Cottage.  Despite the heavy rain, we were able to celebrate with singing and a balloon launch.  We are excited to be using this space as part of our learning.

Bishop Toms visit to our class

On Wednesday this week we were extremely excited to have a special visitor in our school who visited our class.  We talked about ‘barriers’ and how we have choices to break down barriers in many ways. We prayed for God’s help to help us break down barriers.  We also asked Bishop Tom lots of questions we had from learning about St Columba.

Exploring our new outdoor area

We had quiet reflection time in our new outdoor learning area. We thought about how we felt inside this space to help us to write suggestions for a suitable name for it. We finished by writing our prayers for Bishop Tom’s visit, thanking God for all those who help to break down barriers and to help those who face many barriers. We gathered together to share our prayers during collective worship.

Story mapping and our opinions about our book Pompeii

As part of our talk for writing work, we completed mapping out our story from start to finish. We used dictionaries to find the meaning of new and unfamiliar words to create our own vocabulary grid with symbols to help us remember the meaning when we begin to use them in our own writing. We wrote about our likes, dislikes, puzzles and patterns we have notices while reading. Watch this space for examples of our fantastic writing…..