PDSA visit: Being safe around dogs


Take the dog safe quiz.


Information about being dog safe.

We had an assembly about the great work of the the PDSA and we had a workshop about how to be safe around dogs.


Come and see:Giving and Receiving

We remembered and celebrated our fantastic work in our come and see topic Giving and Recieving. We had our class collective worship to share our ideas, thoughts and prayers about how we can give and receive many great gifts. We reflected on St Paul’s advice and how we can go forth and give to others every day.

Our wonderful water inspired dancing

We have been exploring different dance techniques to represent water in the form of Rivers, streams, oceans and the water cycle. Today we explored isolation, canon and unison to create a short sequence with a partner using the piece of music The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss.  We will be developing these throughout the next few weeks.